Thoracic Spinal Surgery

Image: Illustration of thoracic disc herniation that can occasionally be treated with a posterior laminectomy approach that preserves structure and function of the spinal column (from Journal of Neurosurgery, Stillerman
et al, 1995)

Thoracic spinal surgery of any type
is uncommon comprising <5% of all
spinal surgical procedures and most
spinal surgeons have limited
experience in this subspecialty area.
Dr Johnson has extensive experience
in thoracic spinal surgery of all types
and has performed over 1000
surgical procedures involving the
thoracic spine ranging from microsurgery, herniated disc surgery, tumor surgery, endoscopic surgery and reconstructive spinal
deformity surgery.

Image: New technology that was developed in conjunction with Dr. Johnson to treat thoracic fractures with minimally invasive technology

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