Craniovertebral Junction, C1-2 (atlantoaxia lcomplex/junction), and Transoral Spinal Surgery

Image: Young male from China with ankylosing spondilitis and had rotated his head and locked in the position seen below from dislocation of the C1-2 vertebrae that required a complex reconstruction procedure to reposition his head to a normal position

The region where the head and neck articulate has unique and highly complex anatomy and function in a high-risk region that typically requires particular expertise in the treatment. The treatment largely depends upon a clear understanding of the biomechanics of this region, and the surgical treatment often requires precision surgical techniques in a region that is infrequently treated by neurosurgeons and orthopedic spine
surgeons. Dr Johnson has extensive experience having performed over 500 procedures that include transoral surgery, treating C1-2 degenerative and deformity cases, tumors, and fractures involving the odontoid and atlanto-axial complex.

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Image: Compression of the spinal cord at the craniovertebral junction

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