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Spine Practice Announces new Spine Fellow

October 16, 2011

We are pleased to announce that Joseph Hsieh, MD will be matriculating as the new incoming Spine Fellow. Dr Hsieh recently completed his Chief Residency year in Neurosurgery at the University of Chicago and has a stellar academic record from Stanford, Harvard and MIT that prepare him well for his training with us. Besides interests in Neurosurgery and Spinal Surgery he has interest and experience in health care finance and spent a year during his residency in Washington DC.



UC Davis Joins List of Affililiations

October 10, 2011

As of October 1, Dr. Johnson has added UC Davis to his list of affiliations along with UCLA and UC Irvine. Dr. Johnson is excited and looking forward to participating with the UC Davis spine program and to see patients in the greater Sacramento area.



Dr. Johson Publishes Research Report: Computer-Guided Endoscopic Neurosurgery in the Thoracic Spine

August, 2011

There seems to be broad agreement that the brightest hope for delivering enhanced patient care and better outcomes in surgery relies on technological advances, in the right hands. more >>>


Dr. Johnson Performs Surgery at Stanford

April, 2011

Dr. Johnson was in Palo Alto today with Stanford neurosurgeon-spinesurgeon, Dr. Ed Rustamzadeh, who trained under Dr Johnson and they were doing a very complex correction of cervical-thoracic kyphosis ie: "chin on chest deformity (as published in December 2010 Journal of Neurosurgery by Dr.'s Samudrala, Johnson et al.)

Interestingly, Dr. Johnson operated on this patients cousin in Los Angeles for a spinal osteomyelitis in 2003 and a recurrence in 2011 now doing well.

" As I'm sure everyone knows there are only a handful of surgeons in the country (maybe 10 in the world) that would tackle this kind of problem. Dr. Johnson having the largest published series in literature. "

Srinath Samudrala MD, FACS



Dr. Johnson on the Dr. Phil Show

Dr. Johnson Consults on Patient Care
April, 2011

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American Health Front

Breakthrough Spine Treatments
April, 2011